Whisky Masterclass

Saturday 20th May – World Whisky Day. Join us for an evening of whisky in the Harvest old bakery. ‘Smoke & Salt’ 6 whisky courses with canapés.

Presented by national Whisky ambassador Dan Woolley accompanied with matching canapés from the Harvest kitchen all created using produce and ingredients from the land and sea.

Take a journey through the world of smoky whiskies starting in Japan with the very delicate and subtle smoke of the Suntory Hakushu. Take a flight over to Ireland and taste the softer smoky style of the Connemara before hiking up to the Scottish Highlands to experience the unique earthy characters of the Ardmore.

Finish your journey off on the mystical island of Islay starting with one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, Bowmore – with its bold flavours your smoky levels start to intensify leading us straight into the powerfully rich and unmistakably distinct Laphroaig where we finish off with two different expressions from this incredible distillery.

limited seats

4-7pm   |   $90 per person

email here or call: 02 6687 2644 for your reservation

credit card details & dietary requirements required upon reservation.