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We have been working with Conscious Ground for some time now. Their produce is exceptional, this stems from the growing practices and people involved in this beautiful and challenging process of  certified organic food production.

Our weekly vege boxes consist of salad mix, herbs and other seasonal fair from Conscious Ground they also supply eggs and soon an abundance of citrus and fresh chickens. These guys use true regenerative practices across all protein, fruit and vegetable production.

Thanks to Dani, Johno, Ivan, Greta and Brian and the CG team for their love and toil.

Here is a little about their vision...

Conscious Ground Organics is a certified organic farm dedicated to regenerating land and providing healthy, affordable produce for the community.

Starting from the seeds we plant and the soil they’re in, we’re nurturing the life back into our food. Each new plant and element within the system is carefully planned to complement the whole, seeds lovingly germinated and grown in our nursery, and seedlings blessed as they go into the ground. Our food is the expression of our whole mission - regenerating the land, our bodies and our connection to each other.


Food is more than just the fuel we put in our bodies. It reflects how we treat the world, and ourselves.

Our philosophy is to bring compassion, love and healing through the food we grow. Conscious Ground Kitchen is dedicated to providing the most delicious, nutrient-rich food products for your home, because great nutrition is vital for a healthy lifestyle.

All of our food is made from produce grown on Conscious Ground farm and prepared by an expert team of chefs and nutritionists. We make food to nourish your body and your soul, because reconnecting with our food also allows us to reconnect with ourselves.

  • COMMUNITY: we are connected and can create beauty in the world when we act in unison - hand in hand, heart to heart.
  • HEALTH: we honour the deepest forms of care for our own well being and that of all those around us.
  • ADAPTABILITY: we flow like the elements, so that we might discover the path towards natural abundance and harmony.
  • NATURE: we listen to forgotten languages, remembering the wisdom inherent in our natural world.
  • GRACE: we find harmony in the dance between truth, integrity and beauty.
  • EMPOWERMENT: we light the way forward, so that together we might reach our highest potential.

To find our more about Conscious Grounds visit www.consciousground.org

Hers is a little video of Greta in the market garden talking tree rows that intersect the vegetable production, enjoy...



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