Cooking Classes

Real Food Projects

with Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh – author, cook and founder of Real Food Projects has teamed up with Harvest and the Real Food classes will now be held weekly in the Old bakery.

Real Food Projects wants to change the way you eat. Founded by Kate Walsh, a self-taught cook and sustainable food advocate, we are putting the spotlight on simple ways we can change the way we cook, shop and think about food. 

Working on organic farms and with food activist organisations including Slow Food USA instilled in Kate a dedication that ultimately sparked the creation of Real Food Projects, an active community of chefs, growers, foragers, butchers and eaters.

We’ve been sold the idea that making food from scratch is too hard, too time consuming and doesn’t taste any different. Kate will convince you otherwise. Real Food Projects is not about making a fancy sandwich — it’s about making the bread and butter. Real bread and butter. It is about knowing the story behind your food. 

Cooking from scratch using local produce is one of the most important steps we can take to create sustainable, localised food economies and reduce our reliance on the industrialised food system. It also tastes delicious! 

Kate’s first cookbook ‘Real Food Projects – 30 skills and 49 recipes’, has just been released in April 2016 through Murdoch Press and is available in the Harvest Deli.

Kate has recently relocated to the northern rivers and brings with her Real Food Projects to Harvest bakery.

Please visit Kate’s website for a schedule of classes and to make your booking.