Joel Bickford :: ARIA Sydney Wednesday 11 March 2020


Executive chef Joel Bickford from one of Australia’s finest restaurants, ARIA in Sydney, will be joining head chef Alastair Waddell and wild food researcher Peter Hardwick for a one-off menu exploring Australia’s underutilised ingredients. Renowned for his stylish and contemporary cuisine with a nod to native Australia, Joel is looking forward to exploring all that the Northern Rivers has to offer.


“Growing up in the Blue Mountains, I have always had a strong connection with my environment, the land and its offering – in turn, shaping my cooking style and thought process in the kitchen. Collaborating with chef Alastair Waddell and wild food researcher Peter Hardwick this March at Harvest Newrybar, I look forward to having the opportunity to explore all that the Northern Rivers have to offer to bring the taste of Aria to Byron Bay locals.” – Joel Bickford, ARIA Sydney 

$120 for 5 courses + $50 matching wine


Bookings via: / 02 6687 2644

Honey & Harvest



At Harvest we recognise the imperative role the bees play in our ecosystem. Flowering plants require the service of natural pollinators, such as bees for their survival. Bees visit over 1500 flowers for one load of pollen and are responsible for one out of every three bites of food consumed. They pollinate approximately 30 percent of our food crops and 90 percent of our wild plants – without them, the variety of food sources and thus animals on earth would be far fewer.

Our Harvest ethos is that living harmoniously with the earth results in the best flavours. Our organic and spray free gardens are made up of seasonal edible plants and herbs as well as native edibles and flowers allowing for both our native and honey bees to live in a playground of pollen all year round.

We set up our first Flow hive in 2017 and are now proud to have two Flow hives in action on site at Harvest. The Flow Hive was invented by the Newrybar local father and son duo, Stuart and Cedar Anderson.  It involves a revolutionary system of extracting honey that is both less of a disruption to the hive and less of an arduous task for the beekeeper.

You can currently taste our Harvest Flow hive honey on our Harvest Restaurant breakfast menu served with our freshly baked fruit and nut toast. If we have excess honey during a harvest you can also purchase a jar from the produce section at our Harvest Deli, alongside fresh, local and seasonal fruit and vegetable produce from 96 Farm in Bangalow.

Due to the recent devastating effects of Australia’s fires the bee industry estimates about 10,000 hives have been destroyed and many more have been damaged across the country. Bees are tiny environmental champions that benefit all of our lives! Click the link below to read Flow’s 10 easy steps you can take to help the bees.